Woodworking Machinery
WMD-120 Double Spindle Horizontal CNC
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Properties and Construction :

1.Suitable for mortising, grooving, general carving, pattern carving and words carving for dining table and chair. 2.This machine is mounted with high precision linear motion guides and ball screws and equipped with an automatic lubrication system for dramatic increase in service life. 3.Equipped with a stable controller combined with the use of servo motor, the machine provides high speed, high accuracy cutting operations. 4.Filling-in type computer operation without needs to write commands and draw. A non-professional personnel can operate the machine, which is available to convert into a CNC condition. 5.Two spindle work simultaneously, allowing two workpieces to be machined at a time. 6.Designed with right and left table. When performing machining on the right table, the operator may load/unload workpiece on the left table. While machining on the left table, the operator may load/unload workpiece on the right table.

Machine Examples
Double spindle mode
Electronic control box
First mode
Second mode
Machine working video
Machine working video2
Type WMD-120
Maximum working width 150mm
Maximum working length 1200mm
X-axis servo horsepower 2KW
Y-axis servo horsepower 750W
Z-axis servo horsepower 400W
Spindle motor horsepower 3HP*2
Packing size 3910*1450*2190(mm)
N.W / G.W 1800/2160kg