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WMD-350 CNC High Speed Tenoning Machine
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Properties and Construction :

1.Employs high precision servo motor combined with CNC 3-axix controller for high speed, high precision positioning control.
2.The machine is equipped with a human-machine graphic interfacing control panel, providing maximum convenience for setting size, shape and position. It also reduces setting time and saves wood material waste during cutting test.
3.High rigidity, high speed spindle stock provides maximum speed up to 8500RPM, assuring extra fine surface of cut and high accuracy.
4.Employs high precision linear motion guides combined with precision ball screws for extremely smooth motions and fast machining.
5.The machine is suitable for producing round, square, elliptical and bevel tenons. The selection of single or double table to do different working shaps, size to upgrades quality and made good profits.

Cutter head
Use touch screen CNC controller
Self-developed graphical user interface
Type WMD-350
Maximum tenon width 220mm
Maximum tenon thickness 70mm
Maximum tenon depth 45mm
Monitor 8" touch screen
Controller CNC
X-axis servo horsepower 750W
Y-axis servo horsepower 750W
Spindle motor 3.7KW
Spindle speed 8500RPM
Dust hood outlet 4" x 2
Machine Size(L x W x H) 1780 x 1050 x 1700 mm
Packing size (L x W x H) 2030 x 1220 x 1820 mm
N.W./G.W. 900 / 1100 kgs